Men Quarz Wood Watch "The Boreal Forest"

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Men Quarz Wood Watch "The Boreal Forest"

Canada's Boreal forest comprises about one third of the circumpolar boreal forest that rings the Northern Hemisphere, mostly north of the 50th parallel.
Since North America and Asia used to be connected by the Bering land bridge Others differ regionally, typically with each genus having several distinct species, each occupying different regions of the taiga. Taigas also have some small-leaved deciduous trees like birch, alder, willow, and poplar; mostly in areas escaping the most extreme winter cold. 


  • Band materal:Birch Wood
  • band lenght: 23 cm
  • Dial diameter:4.5 cm
  • Dia l thickness:1.1 cm
  • Band width: 2.3 cm
  • Watch weight:50 g

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